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Heroes: Someone! Will! Die! Or Something!

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NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

Tonight, as NBC is promo-ing, “two heroes will fall” as “Volume 2: Generations comes to an explosive, bloody finish.” Judging by recent history, I think we can definitely take that as an ironclad promise that two characters will fall, downward, and substantial portions of their body will come in contact with the ground. And perhaps they will also die, until someone infuses them with Claire’s blood, or they discover a heretofore-unknown power, or a wizard does something.

But for funsies, let’s assume that two Heroes actually do bite it. Predictions? I’m going to say West, on the last-hired-first-fired principle, which would also offer Claire a big dramatic moment. And Maya is a plausible candidate, as she could set Sylar up with her goopy-eyes power for the may-not-materialize second half of the season. But dare I dream Mohinder? [Note: I neither have inside info nor frequent spoiler sites, so take this as the guesswork that it is. Please play nice about spreading actual spoilerage in the comments.] This could be your last chance to Heroes-theorize for quite a while, so have at it.