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If I’m a little late posting today it’s because I got lost surfing around art related sites this morning. I started out looking at this piece on the New York Times website about high resolution digital photos of paintings that are available on line. That article led me to, an aggregator that links you to any museum website, including a long list of virtual museums. Playing around on museumlink eventually led me to the Beatles Worldsite Museum and it’s indispensable inventory of Beatles-themed lunchboxes.

And it was there that I discovered the ultimate Conceptual artwork — a lunchbox inspired by the White Album, meaning that it’s, well, all white. Since the White Album was designed by Richard Hamilton, the father of British Pop Art, the lunchbox is simultaneously an art history appropriation, a (probably unintended) spoof of Minimalist boxes and the subtlest pop culture-themed lunchbox of all time.

Now what I want to know is — did any real kids ever actually have such a lunchbox? Did they all grow up to be curators?