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The Morning After: 30, A.D.

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NBC Photo: Eric Liebowitz

It wasn’t one of the best episodes of 30 Rock last night, but it was probably the most blatant reminder so far that the show has picked up the sitcom torch from Arrested Development. The storyline paralleling Jack and Tracy’s Little League team with the Iraq War recalled the “Mission Accomplished” banner on the Bluth home (not to mention George Sr. in the spider hole and numerous other references), while the main “cougar” storyline, with Liz’s peach-fuzzed date working out his mommy issues, was a May-December story that brought to mind Buster and Lucille. To me, 30 Rock is a better succcessor to Arrrested Development when it’s not so literally acting like one, but a decent episode nonetheless. Your thoughts on this, the Survivor elimination (what the…?) or any other Thursday TV welcomed.