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Vacation Robo-Post: It's One of the Top 10 Most Wonderful Times of the Year…

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It will not surprise you that I am starting to work on a top 10 TV list for 2007. The top 10 reasons that it will not surprise you…

1. I work for a magazine.
2. That’s what magazines do.
3. And even though you may hate to admit it.
4. Magazines know you.
5. They realize that it is almost impossible to stop reading information.
6. When it is presented in numbered list form.
7. Even a stupid list.
8. Especially a stupid list.
9. Like this one.
10. See?

Actually, as I’ve done once or twice before, I’m doing two top-10 lists: one for new shows that premiered in 2007, one for returning shows. The theory is (a) when you combine returning with new shows, it’s hard for newbies to crack the list, and (b) that way you get another list. But you could argue that that’s wimping out, and that one list should cover everything.

So I’ll leave it up to you. What’s your list–and/or lists–of the top 10 shows of the top 10 TV shows of the year? Yes, I know it’s early, but don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of time to milk this topic again in December. And with this out of the way, you’ll have so much more time for Christmas shopping!