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The Morning After: No More S'Mores!

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Not a fantastic Office last night, but you know what? Thanks to the strike it’s the next to last one we’ll get for God knows how long, so for the moment I’m inclined to be grateful anyway. Michael’s going Survivorman in what appeared to be Pennsylvania’s only sequoia redwood forest was amusing enough, but this week the B plot beat the A plot.

Not only did Jim’s attempt to streamline the office birthday-party system inspire the funniest moments (Kelly’s reaction to the B-day attack in the elevator; “Tell her it’s for Creed. She’ll know what that means”), but it again showed Jim as something less than adorable and beloved, as in the Finer Things storyline. Some Jim fans may not like it, but I find it totally plausible; there is a fine line between sarcastic rascal and condescending jerk, and enough time spent at a job you hate can send you drifting across it. And, with him starting to notice scary parallels between himself and Michael, it suggests John Krasinski could start getting an interesting character arc this season. And by “this season,” I mean “next week.”

Thoughts? Other last-night observations? (I’ll get to 30 Rock a bit later.) Tips on foraging for wild mushrooms?