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Heroes Watch: Shanti Shanti Shanti

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SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this post, grab a plate of waffles and watch last night’s Heroes.

NBC Photo: Chris Haston

Got a deadline monopolizing my time and verbiage today, so I’ll give you the digest version of Heroes Watch, then let you run with it. A definite improvement for me, perhaps mainly because it returned to the Parkman storyline, which is the only thing that has really grabbed me so far this season. A touch corny, maybe, to have Matt literally in a psychodrama with Pops, confronting him on the stage of his childhood trauma, but Greg Grunberg sold it. Other pluses: confirmation that we are in fact dealing with the Shanti virus, forward movement on the company storyline, no Maya and Miguel, tying in Sark/Kensei/Adam with the larger story and getting Hiro the hell out of 17th-century Japan.

My big question, though: was this not supposed to be the “green” edition of Heroes? I recall an earlier episode description that said West would be giving the Bennets some kind of green home audit, but unless he maade those waffles with organic shade-grown flour, I missed it. I believe there were some green tips in the commercial breaks, but you know me: I did my part to reduce my energy consumption by fast-forwarding through them.