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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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Despite the NBC minisodes’ best efforts to warn me away, I’ll be seeing a screening of Bee Movie with the rest of the Tuned In family. I’m just sayin’. Actual viewing of the television machine curtailed accordingly.

For those of you at home and uninterested in another episode of Carpoolers, however, may I suggest The Undertaking, PBS’s lyrical Frontline documentary about Thomas Lynch, the Michigan mortician whose meditations on his trade and its place in society helped inform Six Feet Under. The subject matter is what it is, but despite a hard-to-take storyline about a terminally ill infant, the documentary is more moving than depressing, an enlightening look at a thoughtful gatekeeper on a road we all must take some day. A preview:

I understand there’s a scene almost exactly like that in Bee Movie.