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The Morning After: Searching for Carrie Fisher

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NBC Photo: Anne Joyce

The cavalcade of stars on 30 Rock rolled on last night, with Carrie Fisher guesting as Liz Lemon’s comedy-pioneer idol/cautionary tale, and it was just another example of why I’m glad somebody gave Tina Fey her own sitcom. Though Fey didn’t write last night’s episode, who else could you imagine making an episode about first-meeting-second-wave feminism so funny, complete with an H. R. Haldeman talking-mailbox joke? (Update: Second wave meeting third wave? Or fourth? Version 2.1 meeting version 3.2? Neither math nor history is my strong suit, but, you know, something earlier meeting something later. Maybe Bianca Reagan can straighten this out.) Also, I never want to stop watching Alec Baldwin’s Redd Foxx impression.

Your thoughts on this or any other Thursday TV welcomed. (The Office, I thought, was a little lighter on the belly laughs, but better on the character touches–Michael’s commercial, it turns out was actually not bad, and it gave us a glimpse of the sentimental cornball under his idiotic exterior.) Who watched MTV’s Making Menudo?