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Pushing Daisies: Questions and Conclusions

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I finally caught up with this week’s Pushing Daisies. Charming episode again, the budget cutbacks not bothering me so much, and who’d have ever thought I’d be watching a network primetime show that involved a They Might Be Giants singalong? In a valley of windmills? I’m starting a betting pool on how many episodes until we see a lollipop forest.

The not-touching business: still a little distracting. I find myself obsessing over what constitutes “touching.” (What if he touches her with a fingernail, or his hair, which is dead cell material? What about a clipped fingernail or cut hair? What if he sneezes on her? Would they be candidates for in vitro fertilization, and if so, could Ned touch the baby? &c.)

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I watched the episode streaming on abc.com, and was reminded of the advantage of downloading and streaming shows online. You get to see and hear the end credits! Did you know Pushing Daisies had end credits? Did you remember what end credits are? Are there shows out there with outstanding end credits that I’ve never seen because I’m foolishly watching them on an old-fashioned television machine?