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Viva Laughlin Becomes Most Ironically Named Show in TV History

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Robert Voets/CBS

Push, Nevada no longer holds the record as most disastrous show ever set in the Silver State. CBS, Variety reports, has already canceled Viva Laughlin. Laughlin aired two episodes, so it doesn’t beat ABC’s Emily’s Reasons Why Not–axed after one–but on a sheer debut-to-cancellation scale, it’s impressive: killed a mere four days after its first appearance.

Before the inevitable piling on begins, keep in mind that this is the sort of thing that Les Moonves will probably use to justify putting ten new cop procedurals on the air next fall. On the bright side, The Amazing Race returns to take Viva’s place next month.

Before we bury Viva, did any Tuned Inlanders watch the now-final episode last night? I caught almost the last half-hour, and it seemed already to have nearly totally ditched the musical concept, with Lloyd Owen and William Mapother (Ethan from Lost) muttering a few lousy bars of “Money (That’s What I Want).” Way to go out with a whimper.