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The Morning After: We're Coming to Your Town, We'll Help You Party Down

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Frank Micelotta / FOX

So did anyone else watch The Next Great American Band (i.e., “We Wish We Could Air American Idol Twice a Year”) Friday night? While it doesn’t look like the travesty that American Juniors was (before it launched Lucy Hale to Bionic Woman semistardom), I was surprised the quality of the bands in the two-hour debut wasn’t higher. Shouldn’t the crippling of the music industry mean hundreds of extremely talented unknown bands begging for exposure? Instead, most of the best of the group looked like talented bar bands. (And really, what’s the point in competing in a show like this if you’re going to perform covers?)

Also feel free to weigh in on Friday Night Lights (I plan to get the Watch back in business, but realistically I don’t know if I’m going to go back to watch the episode again, it being the last of the three NBC sent critics in advance), Dexter, or anything else. It’s time to rock.