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The Morning After: Sing Sing Sing

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Robert Voets/CBS

So despite the warnings of the industrialized world’s largest force of trained television critics, did you watch Viva Laughlin anyway? Time to chime in on that or any other of last night’s TV. The Office was nice and poignant, though I’m eager to get back to the half-hour format, while 30 Rock absolutely killed. Kenneth’s walk-and-talk scene was just inspired, as was everything else involving Kenneth (“…and I guess we have to get married now”) and Liz’s awkward attempts to bond with / manage Tracy’s wife (“Bling bling bling! That’s ghettofabulous!” “This belonged to Brooke Astor.”).

Also, I’ll have a Mad Men post later this morning–keep your shirt on!–but if you just can’t wait, be my guest. Sing it like you mean it!