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Rate It! Doing the Fall Season Reshuffle

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Last week I asked what new fall shows you’d decided to stick with. Well, time passes and things change, and this seems worth checking in on weekly for a while. Are there any shows that last week convinced you to give up on? Shows you finally caught up with on DVR and decided to add? I’d reshuffle my list from last week thusly:

2. Pushing Daisies
3. Kid Nation
4. Aliens in America
5. Gossip Girl
6. Reaper

Daisies drops just a notch out of slight concern that it’s a little too in love with its lovability. Kid Nation rises because I think it’s better than its flash-in-the-pop-culture-pan treatment. And Chuck… it’s not you, it’s me. I’m not sure I have room in my weekly schedule for both it and Reaper, and for whatever reason, Reaper was the one I actually got around to watching this week.

Your turn now. Listify me!