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The Morning After: The Night I Can't Remember

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Dean Hendler / NBC

It’s your Monday-night discussion post. Whose amnesia is more convincing: Christina Applegate’s or Peter Petrelli’s? Also, I’m eager to hear reports on Chuck–the first episode I hadn’t seen on DVD–because not only did I not watch, I neglected to TiVo it. I claim amnesia! I may have to resort to Amazon Unbox, or microfilm rolled into a bottle, or whatever delivery method NBC is currently using having ditched iTunes.

I did, however, manage to make my date with Aliens in America, which showed that, if it’s a one-joke sitcom, that joke has legs. (My favorite: Mrs. Tolchuck rushing to turn off a Woody Allen movie for fear Raja will feel uncomfortable–“It’s set in New York!”) Any other thoughts?