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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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Tonight sees the debut of ABC’s Samantha Who?, in which Christina Applegate plays an amnesia victim forced to slowly discover that, in her former life, she was a first-class beeyotch. I won’t be watching it, because I already have. My quick take: good concept, decent execution, unlikely to be around long enough to get invested in. But it’s most worth watching for–and I owe Mrs. Tuned In for this insight–watching Applegate do the most uncanny imitation of Jennifer Aniston’s mannerisms and delivery you will ever see. Honestly, if you could copyright a certain furrow-browed, quizzical expression, somebody would be calling somebody’s lawyers right now.

What I will be watching is Aliens in America, airing its first episode I haven’t seen advance screeners of. But according to Nielsen, none of you are planning to join me. Are they wrong?