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Rate It! What's Your Fall Season List?

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OK, we’re into the third week of the fall season. It’s decision time. It’s TiVo-disk-space, evening-time allocation time. What new shows this fall are you actually still watching? Here’s my list:

1. Pushing Daisies.* This gets an asterisk, as it has the advantage of having aired only its pilot.

2. Tell Me You Love Me. Not sure if this counts–since I’ve actually already watched the entire thing–but I’m listing it because (a) probably no one else will, and (b) this list is short enough as it is.

3. Aliens in America. But this may become one of those shows I admire more than I actually watch.

4. Chuck. See Aliens in America.

5. Reaper. And falling, after this week’s episode. (Which was, more or less, last week’s episode.)

5 1/2. Kid Nation. “1/2,” because I fast-forwarded through half of it last week. I still have some interest, but this could drop off the list any minute.

6. Gossip Girl. In theory, I’m still interested in this soap… in practice, last week’s episode is still unwatched on my TiVo.

And that’s it. I’m not counting shows that–like Dirty Sexy Money and Bionic Woman–I’ll keep up with for now, for professional reasons. And which of these shows would I watch every single week, if I didn’t write about TV for a living? The top two, maybe. Nothing else compelling enough to break my existing network and cable habits.

Your turn. You don’t have to annotate your list (I did because, eh, that’s what I do). Maybe we’ll make this a weekly thing and see how your lists evolve over the fall. (Maybe Women’s Murder Club and Viva Laughlin will make your lists, except that they won’t.) I have a feeling these lists could start getting really short, really fast.