Olafur Eliasson at SFMOMA

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Eliasson, the artist behind The weather project, the hugely popular installation at Tate Modern in London four years ago, is having his first major U.S. survey show. I went out to San Francisco a few weeks ago to see it. Here’s a fraction of my reaction in this week’s Time. Over the next week or two I’ll post more about what I saw and the people I talked to while I was out there.

Imperfect Internet Alert: I discover that words that appear in italics in the magazine don’t translate that way on line. Which means that when I discuss Beauty, the name of an Eliasson piece, in the article I just linked you to, on line it just looks like the word Beauty, not the name of a piece. That can get confusing, no? So if you go there, Beauty is a work, and a very interesting one, not just a word.

In fact, here it is:

Beauty, Eliasson, 1993 — Image: SFMOMA

One of these days we will get the internet….

…to work.

UPDATE: The techies at Time.com have fixed the italics glitch. Beauty is now Beauty again. That’s beautiful.