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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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NBC Photo: Chris Haston

I have a couple of projects for the dead-tree edition of TIME that involve a lot of (1) watching shows that were on TV a long time ago and (2) watching shows that won’t be on TV for a long time. Some of my watching-TV-that’s-on-right-now has suffered.

Therefore, even though I have the new episode of 30 Rock–the Jerry Seinfeld one–in my possession, I am not watching it until tonight. That’s right! It’s just sitting there in my O.C. messenger bag, doing no one any good. I’m wasting it! I don’t deserve it! That DVD is rightfully yours!

But 30 Rock is a pleasure to be shared with loved ones, so I look forward to watching it with Mrs. Tuned In tonight. In the meantime, Maureen Ryan has a goodly sized writeup at The Watcher. (My favorite TV blog name, by the way, because it forces you to conflate a red-haired female TV critic and Sir Mix-a-Lot.) Join Tina Fey’s dozens of fans tonight, and we can discuss tomorrow.