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TV Poll: How Are You Hooked Up?

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I was thinking the other day–fielding a pitch from the HD Weather Channel, which I did not know existed–that in writing about TV today, you have to make a lot of judgments about how your audience watches TV. Do they have (or care about HD)? Do they watch on a big screen or a tiny media player? What channels do they have access to?

And it occurs to me–I don’t know any of that about any of you. How do you watch TV? Physically, I mean? What equipment do you use? HD or no? DVRs? Premium channels? Cable, satellite or rabbit ears?

Do me a favor, Tuned Inlanders, and post a quick comment for this informal survey. I’ll kick it off: Two TVs–a small conventional one in my home office, a 37″ plasma HD in the living room. Two DVRs–a TiVo HD and the standard Scientific Atlanta tinkertoy. Digital cable megapackage from my evil corporate overlord, Time Warner. I have never watched TV on an iPod, though I do on my computers. (Also, in my TIME office, two teeny TVs and one TiVo.)

Your turn. Trust me, your answers will make my TV coverage much better. Plus, I’m just totally nosy.