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Vacation Robo-Post: The Best TV Show to Listen To

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It’s late summer, which means that the studios are releasing their full-season DVDs so you can catch up before September premieres. (Heroes and Friday Night Lights, for instance, should just have hit the shelves.) But lately, I’ve also been getting more and more releases of TV CDs–compilations of music that appeared on TV soundtracks. This used to be the province of teen tastemaking shows like The O.C., but lately such middle-aged haunts as House have gotten in on the act.

Maybe you have to be pretty lame to get introduced to new music through TV shows. But, hey, I’m lamer than most. Weeds, for instance, has a very well-curated soundtrack–and not just the various covers of Little Boxes–and I particularly owe the show for introducing me to The Mountain Goats; I downloaded several of their (or rather, his) albums from eMusic after hearing “Cotton” on an early episode.

What’s your favorite musically curated TV show? What music have you discovered via TV soundtrack? I promise, I won’t tell anyone.