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Vacation Robo-Post: Who Won the Summer?

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I’m on vacation for next two weeks, with little, and possibly no, Web access on the road. While I’m gone, I’ve set up the RoboPoster 3000 to put up some questions and discussion topics to keep the lights on. That’s right, I’m writing to you… from the past! What are things like in the future? Do you have jet packs? Who’s president now, Jenna Bush or Chelsea Clinton?

Anyway, we’ve passed the season of summer cable and network debuts, and it’s a good time to take stock of your hits and misses. For me, my choices are pretty much obvious. Loved: Mad Men, Flight of the Conchords. Liked, but interest fading: Damages, Saving Grace. Wished it were better: JFC. Not bad, but didn’t need to see it more than once: The Singing Bee and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. No, thank you: Army Wives, Flash Gordon. (I never got around to reviewing the latter. It stinks. There.)

As for returning shows, Big Love and The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman scored the up arrow on the Qualitometer; Rescue Me and Entourage, the down arrow.

And you? What did you watch on your summer vacation?