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Lost Discussion Group: Final Exam

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It’s graduation day here at Lost Summer School–I’m on vacation the next two Thursdays, and after that I think we can use a nice little de-Lost-ification break for a while as fall premiere season gears up.

So one last question, and probably the biggest one: What role are the Numbers going to play? I don’t mean What do they mean? in the Lost Experience sense–the Valenzetti equation, the end of the world, yada yada yada–but rather, how are they going to play out in the show going forward? Or will they? Do you expect some big reveal about them in the end, or are they mainly a narrative device to drive the story and source of Easter eggs to hold your attention? And who arranged for them to be Hurley’s winning lottery numbers?

That, or just hijack the thread. I’ll be in the faculty lounge having a cigarette. You’ve been a great class.