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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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I’ll admit, I have not watched Dan Rather much since he went to HDNet for his post-CBS gig. (For that matter, I didn’t watch Dan Rather much at CBS.) But tonight, he offers up a Dan Rather Reports longform investigation of problems with electronic touch-screen voting machines; including reports of machines being hustled off the line in overseas factories with little quality control, it may be pretty disturbing even to the non-conspiracy-minded. (Speaking of which: yes, memos are involved.) You can see a lengthy preview of the report here; but really, news looks truthier in HD, doesn’t it?

Speaking of online video, I’m also going to try to iCatch ABC’s iCaught, because the premise–“news” reports giving the back story on popular viral videos–is so sadly funny. Dan Rather must be broken-hearted that he had to leave the world of serious major network news divisions.