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TV Poll: Your Favorite Credits Sequence

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Mad Men Watch will be a little late today–have a deadline for the stone-tablet version of Time magazine. In the meantime, a little something to keep you unproductive at your own job. In my post on cable shows yesterday, I offhandedly trashed Mad Men’s opening title sequence, but I notice that its viewers on YouTube think more highly of it.

So I ask you: What are the best credits sequences on TV, past or present? I almost want to exclude HBO as cheating, but that would be unfair, since I recently got all swoony over John from Cincinnati’s opener, and Six Feet Under may be my all-time favorite. I’m also on record as a big fan of Rescue Me’s titles. FX in general does nearly as good a job as HBO, although Damages is too literal for my taste. (The lyrics–“When I am through with you / There won’t be anything left”–pretty much sum up the show’s theme, as do Nip/Tuck’s, come to think of it.)

What say you? Let the credits roll.