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Tuned In News: Blog Defeats Column!

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A brief housekeeping note. For about a year now, I’ve been writing a pop-culture column called Culture Complex in the print edition of Time magazine. I know what you’re thinking: “The print version of Time? They stopped making that in, like, 1976, right?” No, really, there is one. I think they also put out an edition on 8-track.

Anyway, Culture Complex has a little wider purview than Tuned In; it’s about how pop culture relates to society, politics and all those other things that newsmagazines consider important. Still, it’s largely about TV and electronic media—and sometimes movies, music, books and occasionally boardgames—so it overlaps a lot of the themes and subjects of this blog.

It finally occurred to us that it was confusing to have one writer with two different brands, even if that did make me feel like Jack White playing with both The Raconteurs and The White Stripes. So as of this Friday’s issue, Culture Complex will now be called… Tuned In! Because (1) it’s about being “tuned in” to pop culture [get it?] and (2) Culture Complex always sounded a little bit like a disease.

So there you have it: an announcement about a print column you may or may not read, on a blog that, at this point, you are probably wishing you weren’t reading. We now return to your regular esoteric TV posts.