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JPTV Weekend: Major Accomplishment

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IFC / Susan Anderson

OK, Mr. Killjoy TV Critic: you didn’t like The Company–what am I supposed to watch on TV this Sunday? One of cable’s best low-key pleasures of 2006, IFC’s The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, is back for a second season. Starring, created and written by the brassily sardonic Laura Kightlinger, it’s a sort of anti-Entourage: a Hollywood story about a struggling, fortysomething woman writer in a male-dominated business. In the first new episode, Jackie pretends to be gay so that a lesbian producer will hire her as the “woman’s voice” in an otherwise all-male writers’ room, where one of her new colleagues talks about the universality of gonad jokes: “Everyone can relate to getting kicked in the nuts.”

As a bonus, the second episode introduces Big Love’s outstanding Mary Kay Place as Jackie’s protective-yet-undermining mother, who turns out to be a real kick in the–well, whatever you happen to have to be kicked in.