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Lost Discussion Group: One Pill Makes You Larger, and One Pill Makes You Small

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This week: the white rabbits. Yes, I posted about this last week, but it was late on a Friday, there was no good video available yet, and also, dude! White rabbits! Magically multiplying! Like rabbits! That’s good for at least two posts! Here’s the video, screened by Lost’s producers at ComicCon last week:

(The video also streamed at abc.com; you may notice that the language in the ComicCon clip has been made more PG-rated in this version.)

OK, now we don’t know how “canonical” this all is, or a la The Lost Experience, how much of this material will bear on season 4, if any of it. But again, dude! Rabbits! Ahem. Seriously, I give you the floor to analyze this, or Marvin Candle’s new name, or any other ComicCon revelations (or lack thereof).

For myself, I am sticking by my theory. That second rabbit #15 is no clone. It is the same rabbit, my friends. Occupying the same time and a slightly different space as itself. (See; The Casimir Effect and space-time wormholes, Desmond’s coming unstuck in time after the hatch explosion, various references on Lost to weirdnesses involving time on the Island, etc.) And you don’t want to be anywhere in the neighborhood if the two versions of itself come into contact. What say you?