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Lost Discussion Group: He's Baaaaaack!

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It may be time to declare LDG a good idea while it lasted. After a thought-provoking run in the wake of the mind-blowing May finale, last week’s post generated a whopping four comments as of present count. Is it me? Is it you? Ah, let’s just blame society.

It may just be that, without new episodes of Lost to stir the drink, each week’s discussion basically boiled down to “What’s going to happen next?” and perhaps we’ve all said our piece on that. So I’ll try to keep LDG running for the next few weeks of summer, then as we get into fall premiere season, give it a well-deserved hiatus.

In the meantime, we have a bit of actual Lost news this week: ABC announced yesterday at press tour, pressured by angry TV critics to jump the gun on its ComicCon announcement, that Harold Perrineau (Michael) will return to the show next season. (The producers have said before he would return but–correct me if I’m wrong–never specified when.)

The obvious discussion topic this week, then: why? In what capacity? And in what timeframe? The present? (Is he out there on Not-Penny’s Boat?) The future? (Does he have a role in the flash-forwards?) Did he ever make it back to civilization or was he intercepted at sea? Was he responsible for Not-Penny’s Boat’s arriving in the first place? If so, does that mean he’s a hero, or a goat twice over?

Oh, and will we be all good now with that whole murdering-two-people business? In any case, that’ll be one heartwarming reunion. Can’t wait to see it.