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Lost Discussion Group: What's the Key to Locke?

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Keeping it simple this week, I’ve noticed a lot of divided opinion on Locke and his status on the show. He’s the spiritual and moral center of the show. He’s a selfish bastard, stopping at nothing to keep the rest on the Island because he likes walking. He has insights into the Island that no one else is able to achieve. He’s a fool and a dupe. He’s Ben’s worst nightmare. He’s gone over to the side of the Others. He’s the hero. He’s the villain.

To be fair, there’s plenty of evidence for all these interpretations in the show. To be fairer, not all of these dualisms are mutually exclusive. But with Jack just having made the crucial sat-phone call that (apparently) frees the Losties over Locke’s objections, and Locke having split with the Losties to follow his own path, it’s a good time to ask: is Locke right or is he wrong? Who’s side is he on? Or is he on anyone’s?

Or, you know, just use this space to whinge about the Emmys. Your call.