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Lost Discussion Group: Gone But Not Forgotten

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On Lost, dying is just another step in the evolution of your career. Jack’s dead father Christian (or should that be “dead”?) has had an important role in the show through flashbacks; even Boone and Shannon made an appearance in season 3.

One character in particular who seemed destined to have a big posthumous role in the show was Libby, who we discovered, after her death, to have provided the boat that got Desmond stranded on the island. Earlier, we’d learned that she had been a patient in the same mental hospital as Hurley. All this seemed to suggest revelations about, and significance for, her character that would not be ended by the mere fact that Michael put a bullet in her.

The season 3 came and went, and–nothing. I don’t know if this was by design, or if it had to do with availability issues with Cynthia Watros, who had booked a couple pilots but does not seem to be overscheduled at the moment. But there seems to be unfinished business here: I can’t imagine Cuse and Lindelof would have raised those questions about her past just to let them dangle. (And yes, I do know I’m talking about Lost here.)

Do you think we’ll hear from Libby in flashbacks again? (Will there be flashbacks again?) Or–if you don’t share my excessive concern for the careers of the past stars of Titus–what other peripheral players from the flashbacks do you want to see more of?