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Sex and the Sequel

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As Carrie Bradshaw might ask, does size matter? We’ll finally have a chance to find out, as a deal has been struck to bring Sex and the City to a bigger screen in movie form.

Says Variety, “Fans of the show have clamored for a movie version of Sex and the City since the series ended.” Have they? Count me as a fan of the show. Count me as not clamoring for a movie version of it. Or The Sopranos, or most other series I’ve liked that have lived out their natural lives.

It is only a slight exaggeration to say that I could count on the fingers of one foot the movie versions of series that have improved on, or even lived up to, the original. (And no, I have not seen The Simpsons movie, thanks for asking.) Borat would be one exception. Then there are reimaginings of classic series, like Paul Rudnick’s take on The Brady Bunch Addams Family, but with original SATC scribe Michael Patrick King writing and directing, I doubt there will be much reconceiving going on. And I enjoyed Serenity, but that movie was able to tie up loose ends and put a cap on the series Firefly. But SATC–that series has been capped, that closure has been closed. What’s left to tell? Who’s left to shtup?

Some might cite the Star Trek movies too, though I wouldn’t. But tell me if you disagree. Is there anything more you want to know or see from the SATC gals? Are you dying to finally learn how Steve and Miranda’s brownstone renovation turned out? Or will we all hate ourselves in the morning after this one?