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FOTC* Watch: Where Did You Get That Preposterous Hypothesis?

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HBO photo: Nicole Rivelli

I missed last night’s Entourage, owing to a difference of opinion between my Tivo and Time Warner Cable as to what channel HBO HD is on. At this point, anyway, I’m more interested in Flight of the Conchords, which I’d already seen on a preview screener. This show is obviously a much less serial, more self-contained sitcom than Entourage, but it’s good to see that, already, the leads are developing into defined, distinct characters, or, at least, distinct sets of attitudes. It was a kick, in particular, to see Jemaine’s particular monotone–“Wot? Wot?”–imitated both by the police clerk and his friends and his friends, believing that he was dead. By the end of the summer, probably every one of you will have a friend who does a Jemaine imitation that you will be getting sick of.

The songs from last night’s episode were both drawn from FOTC’s stage show, and while “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros” was hilariously executed, both of them seemed wedged into the show–not necessarily a bad thing, but I think the songs work best here when they’re woven in to the story, like “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room.” When the show started, I wondered what would happen, down the road, when FOTC runs out of familiar songs to work into the episodes, but now I think it may be better once the duo is writing more originals for the show. (Or was “Most Beautiful Girl” from their stage show as well? I’m not too familiar with their concerts, so correct me if I’m wrong.) On the other hand, I’m waiting for “Business Time,” probably my favorite FOTC bit I’ve heard.

Next week, anyway, look for “She’s So Hot… BOOM!” [Correction: Scratch that, we saw it last week. Pitfalls of having watched the episodes a month and a half ago.] This show is so hot, it’s making me sexist.

* [Update: Pronounced “FOT-see.” Like POTC, but less lucrative.]