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Lost Discussion Group: Put Your Foot Down

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It’s about time that someone took on the much-repeated charge that Lost is the TV show that “never answers any questions.” Last season, during the hiatus after the six-season episode fall run, IDG IGN wrote up a great, exhaustive list of 50 Lost Loose Ends, questions that had been raised but not answered by the show to that point. Re-reading it earlier this week, I was surprised by the number of questions on the list that the show did answer in the back end of the season. Who’s Patchy? Where does the cable lead? Where’s the radio tower? Is Claire Christian’s daughter? Has Ben really always lived on the Island? How did Locke get paralyzed? Where are the survivors the Others abducted?

Now, granted this leaves a lot unanswered (to say nothing of the new questions raised). And there was one intriguing question that the producers said would be answered this season that, at least to my mind, was never adequately addressed:

Where the hell did the four-toed foot statue come from?

Bound up in this, of course, are all sorts of questions about who the Hostiles are, what their society is like, and what they’ve been up to and for how long. (Assuming, that is, that the Hostiles built the statue and not some previous denizens.) So feel free to speculate about the foot or the larger questions it entails. But mostly, yeah, I want to know about the foot.