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Lost Discussion Group: Who's On the Boat?

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Late in last week’s Lost summer seminar thread, Chaddogg put forth a plausible, and kinda creepy, season-4 opening scenario:

I really think the opening of Season 4 will be upon Naomi’s ship, and probably in the “captain’s” office/room. He’ll be seen (his body, that is, not his face) pouring himself a whiskey (maybe the same brand that Mr. Widmore prefers?), and then putting on a CD on his office stereo [snip] … As the song goes out of a crescendo into a silent part, it is interrupted by a shrill ring of a phone. The pen stops/the book is dropped. The man leaps from his chair, and picks up a satelite phone. He speaks the half of the conversation that we heard from Jack.

As the conversation ends (the part we’ve seen), the man opens the door out from his office – we’re on the brig of a huge ocean liner in the midst of icebergs (a la the end of Season 2). The finger on the phone presses the “mute” button. We see the “first mate” say “Captain? What are your orders?” The camera pans back and we see the Captain’s face….

Marvin Candle.

He says “We have them. Fully arm your squad. No survivors.”

Whoa. I’ll buy that. I’ll buy a lot at this point. But more important, that leads naturally into the Question of the Week:

Who the hell is on the boat, and what the hell do they want?

Say we can take for granted that it is, in fact, not Penny Widmore’s boat. Could it be Charles Widmore’s boat? Who else can we think of that has a motive–and likely a sinister one–to locate the Losties and/or the Island?

Chaddogg’s post raises an attractive theory to me: that it’s Dharma and/or Hanso, since while the Dharma presence on the island may have been exterminated, the group has got to have some kind of off-island presence. (Remember: that ranch dressing is not airlifting itself.)

I like this theory because it’s a group we know with obvious motives to exterminate the Others (and who ever happens to be with them). But it raises corollary questions: How could Dharma and/or Hanso lose their own island? And if they didn’t lose the island, why haven’t they come back sooner, perhaps with lethal results? (As easy to drop bombs or paratroopers as to drop ranch dressing, no?)

Or is it some third (or fourth, or fifth…) party we’ve never met before? I’ll let you take it from here. Weigh anchor!