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Jericho: The Nuts May Have Won This One!

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TV Week is reporting what would be a stunning turnaround if it pans out: Jericho may be un-cancelled after all. Fans of the show, infuriated by the postapocalyptic serial’s cancellation in mid-cliffhanger, have bombarded CBS with complaints, as well as box after box of peanuts, in order to persuade the broadcaster to bring their show back to life.

The eccentric fan campaign to revive a doomed show is a time-honored ritual of spring, but rarely a successful one. (In 2001 fans of Roswell flooded The WB with bottles of Tabasco sauce to save the show. The WB cancelled it, but UPN picked it up for another season.)

If the fan blitz works this time–at a successful big-three network yet–I’m not sure if it’s a statement about the importance of intense fan bases in a fragmented marketplace, or just testament to the superiority of nuts as a foodstuff. But while I’ve had my own love-hate relationship with Jericho (I still need to download the finale from iTunes), I’m rooting for the Jericho fans–not just so I can find out what happened to the nuked U.S. and its multiple presidents, but in hopes of saving the next in-danger show. Friday Night Lights fans, start hoarding novelty mini footballs now.