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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

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Photo: Aardman Animations Ltd.

I have no idea. But I already have watched the screener for CBS’s Creature Comforts (8 p.m. E.T.), and you could do a lot worse with a summer half-hour. Based on a British series that was in turn based on a short film by Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit), the show takes interviews with ordinary Americans and places them in the mouths of animated animals.

Simple concept. Could be incredibly corny. But it works, largely because most of the interviews seem selected to be not wacky but low-key and conversational. Like Errol Morris, but with little clay lovebirds. So that when you hear someone talking about the common experience of going to the doctor–

…and they call you in there and then some skinny girl’s going to weigh you. Always a skinny girl is going to weigh you. For sure. It’s always gonna be some Ally McBeal-looking girl’s gonna weigh you…

–the interview comes out of the mouth of a hippo floating in a polka-dotted innertube. Am I proud of laughing? No, but I don’t care.