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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight. Also, the World's Wackiest Major Religions

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Well, it’s the first night of the TV summer. Reruns and whatnot. Perhaps I shall take up an instrument, or read an improving book!

Just kidding. I’ll be watching On the Lot. Because I’m a sucker.

Recommended, although I’ve already watched the screener, is Sundance’s Aussie-import docuseries John Safran Vs. God. It’s an irreverent-and-a-half, but still intelligent, survey and critique of world religions. In the first episode tonight, John Safran (not to be confused with the hot young novelist who owns a jillion-dollar house in my neighborhood) goes to an extremist Muslim cleric, to try to secure a fatwa against a rival TV host. It’s easier than you might think.

Think of him as part Bill Moyers, part Ashton Kutcher. You may go to Hell for watching this series–several of them possibly–but it’s worth it.