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Robo-Post of the Day: Your Obscure Pleasures

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We tend to write about big TV here at Tuned In: Lost, American Idol, The Sopranos, etc. Time is a big magazine, after all, and when I write about Travel Channel shows I love, the world does not exactly beat a path to my door.

But I love my little TV too. If I didn’t review shows for a living, I’d spend far more time surfing elitist real-estate shows on Fine Living or reruns of Pants-Off Dance-Off. As you read this, I am visiting my mother in Michigan (I am composing this post days in advance to post automatically–as if from beyond the grave!), and that means I am probably watching an inordinate amount of The Weather Channel. I do that a lot when I’m at my mom’s: partly because I actually need to know the weather (facing an 11-hour drive home across Pennsylvania); partly as a side effect of visiting a senior citizen (seniors love their TWC, almost as much as their History Channel); and partly because I find it weirdly soothing when I’m traveling. I love the confident, appealingly nerdy satisfaction of the anchors in the weather’s power, and the reassuring elevator music of Your Local on the 8s. It’s like cable news without the agita and uncertainty. Nobody yells about immigration, and the weather always wins.

But enough about me. (Actually, far too much.) What’s your favorite tiny-TV show that I should know about? Thanks for doing my research for me, and see you next week.