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Idolwatch: A (Very) Little Bit Country

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It was Country Night on American Idol, which meant poppified versions of recent country hits that were extremely poppified to begin with. My weekly reviews are up: the pictures won’t be updated with photos of last night until later in the day, at which point all references to clothing and hairdos may actually make sense. In the meantime… let your righteous indignation over Sanjaya fly!

[Update: Whoops–didn’t mean to weasel out of making predictions, though given my growing uncertainty, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea. I’m going with LaKisha, Chris and… I want to say Phil or Sanjaya… yeah, just to stir things up, let’s say this is the first week Sanjaya gets a bottom three scare. He’s not going home, though: sadly, I have to guess LaKisha, who got drubbed by the judges and seems to have spent a lot of good will, though I hope I’m wrong.]