Tuned In


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Danger–other shoe falling! Some thoughts:

* So he doesn’t get to finish the telethon? Will someone be reimbursed?

* Which satellite-radio exec won the speed-dialing contest to Imus’ agent?

* My Time story, of course, went to press before the announcement. I’ll see about having the magazine mail pens to the print subscribers, so they can edit the present-tense references to past as they read.

Beyond that… honestly, I’m pretty much spent on comments. (Many, I’m sure, would say I was spent a good 2,000 words ago.) I’ll repeat that I would have rather seen Imus fired by his audience–by people wising up and changing the channel or dial–than by his money-anxious bosses. And it’s still worth pointing out–whether you like him or hate him–that he is being fired for doing essentially the same show he did for years to his employers’ delight. Either someone is overreacting now, or someone has been underreacting for a decade or three.

And that’s it for now, or soon we’ll have to rename this blog Tuned Imus.