Department of Amplification

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I don’t think it’s a confusion she intended to create, but I notice that art blogger Lee Rosenbaum has a post today that could leave the mistaken impression that I broke an embargo yesterday by reporting in advance of the official announcement — it comes later today — that the architect Richard Rogers had won the Pritzker Prize.

Not so. A few weeks ago the good people who award the Pritzker sent a heads up to various media outlets and individual critics, including me, to let us know that Rogers would be the winner. But yesterday they sent me an e-mail to say the embargo had been lifted because the web site of the Spanish daily El Pais had gone public with the news. I assume the same word went out from the Pritzker folks to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, which have also now posted about the Rogers award on their websites and published stories in their morning editions.

It’s important to clear this up so that other institutions don’t get the impression that I take embargoes less seriously at than I do at the globe devouring, innocent tree consuming venerable Time magazine. I take them seriously at both places.