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Idolwatch: Stefani's Eleven Ten

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Reviews of last night’s Idol performances are here. People who write “Discuss” in their blog posts are annoying, but–discuss.

Bottom line, it was a night of not-their-best perfs from the best singers (LaKisha, Blake, Melinda, etc.) and of fairly good outings by some not-the-best singers (Gina, Phil), so most of my reviews are somewhere in the meh middle. I blame society.

Anyway, have fun with–what? Who do I think is going home this week? Mmmmmyeah, I was kind of hoping you’d forget about that. For my bottom three, I’ll say Haley, Phil and Sanjaya, though I’m not nearly as confident as the past couple weeks. Sanjaya’s luck may have just run out last night–he didn’t come close to his bizarre Kinks barn-burner, and America may finally feel they have permission to vote him off. Still, I’d be crazy to go against him and his legion of zombie speed-dialers.

I’m going with Haley instead: you can only survive so many weeks of “But you looked really pretty, though” comments from the judges.

[Update: Yes, I changed the headline; no, I can’t count. After watching this much Idol, I’m lucky I still even know there are numbers above ten.]

[Update again: You’ll probably notice that the reviews are still illustrated with pictures from last week’s performance, which makes my totally ill-informed fashion critiques of, say, Jordin Sparks’ outfit (I mean, just look at my author photo) even more puzzling. I’m told there’s a holdup on Fox’s end moving out pictures from last night, but I’m assured they’ll be updated, in time for season 7 at the very latest.]