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CBS News Destroys John Edwards to Save Him

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I’ve had MSNBC on in the background while I write, and they seem to be devoting practically the entire morning to American Idol. So Tuned In’s going to step into the breach and cover the 2008 presidential race.

Following up on Katie Couric’s controversial interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards, CBS has released its own poll showing that most Americans support his decision to stay in the race after his wife’s breast-cancer diagnosis. Check it:

According to a CBS News Poll conducted in the two days following the couple’s interview by Katie Couric on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday, 57% of those who were surveyed said Edwards is doing the right thing by continuing to campaign. Less than half as many – 24% – said he should have suspended or withdrawn entirely…. [snip] Those who watched the “60 Minutes” interview as well as those who did not watch said they support the senator’s decision. And among those surveyed, the more closely Americans were following this story, the more supportive they were of Edwards continuing his campaign.

After the Couric interview and criticisms of it, I wrote that “I think those questions, if anything, helped the Edwardses.” (Yes, I’ll toot that horn. I am a tiny, tiny man.) In other news, the New York Times Caucus blog shows Edwards getting a boost in fundraising in the past week. So: right-wing conspiracy to derail Edwards’ campaign? Left-wing conspiracy to build it up? With hit jobs like this, who needs puff pieces?