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Idolwatch Rolls On

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A reminder that my weekly Judging American Idol feature will be up again tomorrrow morning at time.com. The best thing about my reviews, for all of us, is that they get one contestant shorter every week.

I want to address a criticism, by the way, that has been made–well, not by any actual reader that I know of yet, but by the little paranoid man in my head: I have no business casting judgment on the singers because not only am I not a performer, I’m not even a music critic. Guilty. I have no credentials whatsoever to judge the Idols, which puts me in the same company as 99% of the people who will actually vote on and choose the next American Idol. I’m just an idiot like the rest of you. And we idiots, acting in concert, have chosen five American Idols and counting, who have sold millions of CDs. God bless America!