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BSG Watch: …And Nothing But the Truth, So Help You Gods

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SCI FI Channel Photo: Carole Segal

While I was skeptical of Galactica’s trial-of-the-century storyline, last night’s first part of the season-ending two-parter comfirmed my belief in the show. (I have part two on DVD and am forcing myself not to watch, as I just can’t bear all the greenscreens and temp-effects. We’ll see if I make it.)

Yet again, one thing about BSG that impresses me is its ability to make to cheer against its heroes, or, more precisely, to look at yourself and question why you cheered for them. When you’re in the midst of a Cylon attack, say, Adama’s decisiveness and no-BS attitude are inspiring and heroic. In the middle of a democratic trial process–as when he tried to shut down Lee’s line of questioning about President Roslin’s hallucinogen use–it starts to look a little more, you know, dictatorial. But the hour really belonged to Mary McDonnell, who with the slightest changes of inflection and expression, can make Roslin seem–in the space of a single courtroom scene–vulnerable (“Don’t do this, Lee”), cunning (ibid.), hardassed, visionary, and just perhaps a touch nuts. [Update: Also, I love the continuing reversal in which Baltar appears in Six’s mind, making him Six’s Six.]

And yet again, there was an appearance by BSG’s White House gaggle of reporters, out there in unexplained numbers to get the scoop for their audience of roughly 38,000. Let’s hope their employers charge healthy subscription fees, because I still don’t see how you subsidize that on $39.95 a year plus a free desk calendar.