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Lostwatch Pt. 2: That Darned Cat

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A couple commenters have reminded me of something I thought of during last night’s Lost but didn’t get into in my Lostwatch: What was the deal with that cat? Or rather, Keith asks:

So, was the cat at the farm the same cat at the restaurant or just similar looking? My boss thinks it is the same cat. I wasn’t sure.

This was a point of dissension at the Tuned In household. I said the same cat (or at least, two roles played by the same cat actor). Mrs. Tuned In says no. Watching it back on TiVo I don’t see a difference, but I’m not a cat person. [Update: And these pictures clear up nothing for me.] Your thoughts? An evil cat twin, perhaps?

My theory: this will all be explained next season, in a flashback from the cat’s POV.