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Banana: Divine. Banana Cream Pie: Still Sinful

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This video comes to us courtesy of Daniel Radosh, whose forthcoming book on Christian pop culture I can’t wait to read. For anyone tired of the Gomorrah that is YouTube, there is now Godtube, a Christian video sharing site. This clip explains the evidence for the existence of God in the perfectly utilitarian shape of a banana, a fruit the site calls the worst nightmare of the “athiest.” (Sic, I think. Though I suppose it may be a compliment: “That dude’s the athiest guy I know!”) And yes, that is Kirk Cameron sitting on the right. [Update: I took down the Godtube version of the video and embedded the YouTube version, only because the Godtube version began playing automatically when it loaded. I thought some readers might find that annoying, because I do. For the more or less identical Godtube clip, see here.]

Also, Radosh may be too classy to make this joke, but I’m not: I didn’t know a Christian video about God and a piece of fruit could be this dirty. The “banana” fits perfectly into the “hand” how again, exactly?