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Sylar, Our Hero!

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If you haven’t watched last night’s Heroes, remove the top of your head and input the contents of the episode before reading further.

NBC Photo: Justin Lubin

So, good news and bad news. On the one hand, Mohinder’s not dead. But on the bright side, Sylar could still kill him in the next episode!

While last night’s episode didn’t match last week’s, it was a nicely paced capper to the season’s middle arc of episodes. I thought the cliffhanger (or, ceiling- and wall-hanger) was a letdown, though: not much suspense in jeopardizing a character who we pretty much know can’t die since he’s central to the season’s climax. (Oops, Peter’s dead! Guess we don’t have to worry about New York blowing up anymore! Yay, Sylar!) As always, it looked great, though, especially the luscious drops of Peter’s blood hitting the floor: Heroes really has a CSI-like painterly touch with the red stuff.

I’m sure I’m late to the party on this one, by the way, but is there a theory floating around out there that Sylar and Peter are related? We know that the superpower business is genetic, after all, and I don’t believe we know of any other cases of two people having the same, or even very similar, powers.

I’d be a little surprised if the writers went the secret-family route again, after revealing that Nathan is Claire’s pops. But on the other hand, we know the Petrellis have a history of spreading their DNA around.