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24: Blather, Rinse, Repeat

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OK, so 24 repeats itself. That’s what it does; that’s what it’s for. It’s probably silly to even point it out. And I tend to agree with Tim Goodman that 24 is so ludicrous, it defies analysis.

But it doesn’t defy a quick-and-dirty list, so here’s a taxonomy of elements from last night’s episode lifted from earlier 24 seasons:

* Jack breaks international law by busting into a foreign consulate (noted by Chaddogg in this morning’s Heroes thread)

* Facing a subject who’s holding out information, Jack goes for the fingers

* Attempted presidential assassination

* Evil Vice President / Cabinet members / White House staff

* Attempt to use terror attack to start a war in the Middle East

There’s more low-hanging fruit out there, so feel free to add your own.