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Heroeswatch: Creature of Light, Creature of Darkness

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Still on vacation, but I was watching Heroes and had to tell this to someone: the bit with the guy killing the grass radiating around him in a concentric circle? Totally ripped off from Carnivale, no? (Look around the 7:00 mark on that clip.) Granted, it doesn’t seem like the grim-looking dude in question is planning on healing anyone, Ben Hawkins-style, but still. The effect was much cooler when they did it with a cornfield, I think. (Just like Heroes, Carnivale was one of those shows I liked much better for the story than the writing–but I watched every episode anyway.)

Now granted, I’m much more familiar with TV sci-fi/fantasy than with comix, so for all I know, Heroes steals much more blatantly from comic books all the time. [Update: Though if they’ve victimized Stan Lee, he must forgive them, judging by the cameo.] Hell, maybe Carnivale did, too. Any of our Heroes / comic geeks care to weigh in? Did Clea have anything to do with this?

[Update #2: Almost forgot it was Someone! Will! Die! night. I’ll leave the Comments open as a remembrance book for Simone.]